Take Control of Your Inventory

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Enable Inventory is a backoffice c-store inventory solution which gives you the tools to get detailed information to help you identify store shrink in real-time, while maintaining desired inventory levels by tracking every item in your store. This allows you to manage this information which will give you greater profits through reduced shrinkage. Studies have shown that backroom scanning and price control can lead to 4% or more of increased profit on sales by reducing mistakes as compared to a manual system.

  • Improves efficiency and accuracy
  • Real-time backroom inventory
  • Promotions
  • Easy to use

Point of Sale Interfaces

  • Passport
  • Commander
  • DC&H
  • Pinnacle Palm
  • And more

Vendor EDI Interfaces

  • Coremark
  • Henrys
  • Holiday Wholesale
  • United Hardware
  • Farner Bocken
  • Doyle’s Wholesale/Sheehan Majestic
  • Amcon
  • Chambers & Owen, Inc
  • And more

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