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Shelf Tag/Barcode Printer

The barcode printer gives managers the ability to print shelf tags in-store, which helps them keep the right products in the right place at the right price. Any time you do inventory price maintenance with the handheld device, shelf tags are printed onto label stock for those items. Shelf tags can be configured to print barcode, description, price, and vendor part number.

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Wireless Tablet with Scanner

Using a tablet with a handheld scanner, receiving invoices are created at the store level by entering a Vendor ID and Invoice Number while scanning in products received in real-time. You can also utilize the tablet/handheld scanner to count store inventory in real-time to update quantities on items for shrink information. Using the tablet/handheld scanner to do item maintenance is simple, and it means your quantities, pricing, and descriptions are always up to date, at all times. This means that you now have real-time control of your inventory.


Mobile Dashboard

Our Mobile Inventory application can be accessed from certain tablets. This allows you another option for mobility and ease of use when working with your inventory on the store floor. Changing prices, receiving products, and doing actual counts can all be done directly on the tablet. The Mobile Dashboard allows managers to see how their stores are performing from day-to-day, allowing them to focus in on problem areas and make changes that equal a greater bottom line profit.

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