Enable C-store Inventory for Single Stores

Ecliptic Technologies designed Enable Inventory to give you, the single store owner, all the tools available to manage a single store, in an easy to learn, easy to use system at an affordable price.

With Enable Inventory, you will be able to manage your vendors, manage your inventory, and make sure that prices are accurate every day. By managing your inventory shrink from vendors, employees, and customers, Enable Inventory will pay for itself in just months, and will continue to enhance your bottom line for years to come.

Enable C-store Express

The C-Store Express version of our software will give you the ability to manage your price book from the office, rather than directly on the till.  Changing prices, managing margins, and working with promotions are all done with ease.   Change a retail price of an item and within seconds the price is updated on the till.  This is a great option to get started with scanning and can easily be upgraded to the full version in the future.

Enable C-store Inventory for Multi-Store Chains

When operating a chain of Stores, it’s definitely a challenge without the proper tools. You want a system to connect all your store managers, and their daily activities back to the home office to assure success.

Enable Inventory provides a connected platform - Connecting your business with your vendors and customers, connecting your staff to information, and connecting the systems to make your business run more efficiently and profitable.

Vendor Interface screen shot

Enable Vendor EDI

Enable Edi Module is used to process Electronic Receiving Invoices (from participating suppliers) to easily process invoices into system. Your costs, retails and quantities are updated in a matter of minutes.

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